Os presentamos un ranking con las 20 herramientas de hacking más populares 2021.

Los temas de las herramientas se enfocan en phishing, recolección de información, herramientas de automatización, análisis web, entre otros.
  1. Zphisher – Automated Phishing Tool
  2. Dockerized-Android – A Container-Based Framework To Enable The Integration Of Mobile Components In Security Training Platforms
  3. Emp3R0R – Linux Post-Exploitation Framework Made By Linux User
  4. MurMurHash – Tool To Calculate A MurmurHash Value Of A Favicon To Hunt Phishing Websites On The Shodan Platform
  5. CiLocks – Android LockScreen Bypass
  6. Viper – Intranet Pentesting Tool With Webui
  7. Forbidden – Bypass 4Xx HTTP Response Status Codes
  8. AzureHunter – A Cloud Forensics Powershell Module To Run Threat Hunting Playbooks On Data From Azure And O365
  9. 403Bypasser – Automates The Techniques Used To Circumvent Access Control Restrictions On Target Pages
  10. Smuggler – An HTTP Request Smuggling / Desync Testing Tool
  11. Nginxpwner – Tool to look for common Nginx misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
  12. SharpML – Machine Learning Network Share Password Hunting Toolkit
  13. PeTeReport – An Open-Source Application Vulnerability Reporting Tool
  14. Byp4Xx – Simple Bash Script To Bypass “403 Forbidden” Messages With Well-Known Methods Discussed In #Bugbountytips
  15. SillyRAT – A Cross Platform Multifunctional (Windows/Linux/Mac) RAT
  16. Qu1cksc0pe – All-in-One Static Malware Analysis Tool
  17. Android-PIN-Bruteforce – Unlock An Android Phone (Or Device) By Bruteforcing The Lockscreen PIN
  18. Arbitrium-RAT – A Cross-Platform, Fully Undetectable Remote Access Trojan, To Control Android, Windows And Linuxt
  19. AdvPhishing – This Is Advance Phishing Tool! OTP PHISHING
  20. MOSINT – OSINT Tool For Emails

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